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Finding great clips in your stream can be boring and time-consuming. Our app finds them in minutes so you can share them with your editors and your audience.



How it works

  • 1

    Stream on Twitch as usual

  • 2

    Watch and edit stream highlights

  • 3

    Keep and share on socials

Auto highlights finder

Get all the key moments from your stream as soon as it ends without having to search manually.

Collaborate with your team

No more sending huge VOD files back and forth between you and your editors. Framedrop will save all of your video and let you collaborate with your team to decide what's the best content to be published next.

Runs in the browser

We don't harm your PC's performance because our app runs in the browser. You can relax and play high-demanding games without tanking your frames.

Supported games

  • Call of Duty: Warzone

  • Apex Legends

  • Valorant

Coming next

  • Fortnite

Is there another game you'd like us to support?

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Do I have to be on Twitch?
Yes, we only support Twitch for now, but integrations with Youtube and manual uploads are coming (really) soon. Join our Discord to get notified.
Does it support other games?
We are currently working on other popular titles among content creators. Join our Discord to get in touch with our team and to be notified of any updates.
How can I give feedback?
The best way to share your feedback with us is via our Discord server.

Limited offer for early users

If you'd like a free trial, ask us on our Discord and we'll send you an invite.

Early User Membership

We have a limited offer at a low price for early users, who will have access to the most recent features before anyone else.

What's included

  • 20 hours / video

  • 200GB / storage

$29.90 $9.90 /mo
Save 66%

I want you to quit wasting time searching for clips

Hey 👋 I'm JD, the founder of Framedrop.

The average streamer produces many hours of raw video every month, but only uses about 6% to grow their audience on Youtube, Tik Tok, Twitter and Instagram. In some cases, this can amount to more than 100 hours of content wasted every month.

For most, it's simply too time-consuming to rewatch the whole VOD and write down the timestamp of every key moment. Imagine all the great clips that were thrown away, or the Youtube compilations that could have been.

We believe that content discovery should be automated and faster.

That's why we're building the first app that takes your raw video and lists the all the key moments for you in minutes. Not only that, it keeps your content in a safe place and lets you collaborate with your editors in making awesome productions to publish on platforms like Youtube.

Monthly headshots compilation? All team wipes from the last tournament? Imagine all the possibilities when all your content is catalogued and at the distance of a click.

Let's make content creation more fun and less time-consuming.